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The Accessibility Project was created after EFT recognized that the performing arts sector in Nova Scotia needed a better understanding of accessibility in general, since disabled people weren't being represented in the arts, and services were being offered without understanding the communities or their needs. In 2020, EFT applied for and received a grant from Canada Council's Sector Development Fund to research what barriers were being faced by underrepresented artists and audiences in accessing performing arts in Nova Scotia, and to offer recommendations on how we could clear those roadblocks and create a more welcoming arts sector for everyone. 

Throughout 2021, Project Coordinator April Hubbard worked with six Community Consultants who represented some of the underserved communities in the performing arts. They conducted interviews, held feedback sessions, and administered surveys before making recommendations on what organizations could do moving forward to reduce barriers to accessing and working in performing arts, no matter what their capacity. These recommendations along with many other observations were compiled by April Hubbard into a comprehensive report which was released at the end of the project.

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